Rugged wifi mesh technology

Rugged, Reliable, Simple

MeshPoint is built to withstand exposure to different weather conditions without damage. It represents truly invincible device with innovative design and utmost performance.

MeshPoint is a compact and rugged autonomous device. Besides being designed to sustain extreme environmental conditions, it rapidly provides reliable Internet access for up to 300 simultaneous users per device: six times more than any regular wifi routers.

And the best thing is you don’t have to be a networking engineer to set it up. Simple plug and play will do.

Wide range of applications

Meshpoint is simple and easy to use and quick to set up, which makes it perfect for:

  • rapid deployment of Internet hotspots and wireless mesh networking infrastructure in crisis situations (earthquakes, floods, refugee and migration crisis, etc.),
  • fast and easy deployment of Internet hotspots for different rescue services and similar public services,
  • providing instant Internet access and wireless networking in extreme outdoor conditions,
  • ast and simple deployment of pop-up Internet hotspots for indoor and outdoor social events (conferences, festivals, etc.),   
  • deployment of flexible wireless and mesh networks on construction sites,
  • deployment of mobile Internet hotspots in public transportation,
  • and many more.

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A look inside MeshPoint

Power inside MeshPoint


3x 300Mbps 802.11n Wireless 2.4Ghz


4G LTE modem, up to 150/50Mbps


OpenWRT & Linux Kernel


Weather proof: snow, rain, mud – you name it.


Built-in Battery for Autonomy


Connecting up to 150 devices per one MeshPoint

Lone Wolf or Team Player

Hotspot mode: you can use one MeshPoint
as a robust autonomous Internet access point
that can be deployed in seconds.

Mesh mode: a number of near-by MeshPoint devices
can be rapidly and automatically connected into a
self-forming, self-healing mesh network
providing data connectivity over a wider area.

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We want to make MeshPoint modular,
open and built with off the shelf components
so that anyone can build MeshPoint
in their workshop.
We are using open source software,
open hardware and networking equipment
that can be easily sourced anywhere.

Mechanical design files are available
for download making the 3D printing
of the parts easy and accessible.

Want to hack MeshPoint, or make your own?

Humanitarian origins


Project MeshPoint was born during the Syrian refugee crisis when thousands of refugees were passing through Eastern Croatia. Transit camps were in need of reliable Internet hotspots that are quick to set up and easy to manage. We decided to help. Our wish was to enable refugees to get in touch with their loved ones as well as to find and acquire much needed information and to help aid workers, response teams and volunteers with coordinating their actions and managing the crisis situation.

We are still leading the effort to provide Internet and networking to refugees and aid workers in two reception centres for asylum-seekers and refugees in Croatia, and our prototypes are built and deployed in order to provide networking infrastructure throughout this humanitarian crisis.

We were featured on ABC, Mashable, Wired and many other media outlets.

Would you like help those in need?

Connect many. Everywhere.

MeshPoint is more than just a crisis device. Its simplicity and convenience of use makes it perfect for any type of social event, both outdoor or indoor.

Set up Internet connection for thousands of people in matter of seconds. Set it and forget it.

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